VLOG 1 The Fesique Lab (Singapore)

VLOG 1 One of the best gym in Singapore




Our Personal Trainers & Body Transformation Specialists are here to help you lose weight, build muscle, train for an event, sport or improve your general Health and Fitness!

We want our clients at The Fesique Lab to enjoy and achieve when working out with our dedicated Trainers.

Many of our clients have various fitness goals, most commonly being fat loss and muscle gain. We balance these goals by providing the right workouts to accomplish all your fitness goals. 

We are here to achieve your fitness goals by guiding you through proper forms and techniques so you can stay safe and be injury free. We will also be providing customised meal plans according to your nutritional requirements and body type.

The Fesique Lab’s Personal Training packages exist to make your life healthier and better. You can trust us to customize all your training needs with energized workouts that gets you one step closer to achieving your fitness goals.

Pricing: 12 sessions SGD1,320

Book here: https://www.sportsntrain.com/booking/book-now?id=1155

24 sessions SGD 2,520

Book here: https://www.sportsntrain.com/booking/book-now?id=2117