VLOG 2, Introduction OF SG One Stop Fitness

Sg One Stop Fitness

Please Feel Free to Verify the Credential of these certifications

●NCFS Certified Personal Trainer

●ACE Certified Trainer for Special Population Exercise Prescription for 《Youth, Elderly & Pregnant》

●Ace Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

●SERA Certified CPR & AED Provider

Question : Since most CPT does not required a Cpr & Aed Certification why do i still took them?

Answer : For a Responsible CPT, the Client Health, Risk & Safety is our Primary Concern and to be able to resuscitation in time of life threatening as anything can happen out if sudden.

Question : Why Get Certified in ACE Special Population Exercise Prescription?

Answer : A CPT can only coach the general population. These Special Population Group they required a much more experience Instructor who are Professionally trained in this Arena to be able to train these 《Special Population》 ensuring that Clients are in good hand Especially Youth Adolescent, Elderly, Pregnant, Metabolic and Cvd Clients because their workout is different from the General Population and therefore General Workout Exercise should not be imposed on them.

Question: Why Getting Certified in 《Ace Fitness Nutrition Specialist》?

Answer: Fitness is not just about Workout & Diet itself play a major factors in the Progression Results. I happen to came across many CPT who claim to be able to Recommend & Advice, some would even go to the extend telling Client they will be able to plan a Diet Plan for them. Logically , how would someone who is not trained & Certified in nutrition be able to do so ?

Promotion: One to One Personal Training

■10 Session Package @ $600


For those client who referral their friends, colleague or family for personal training. For Each & Every Referral, Client who successfully Sign up for the package, Referral would be entitled to ■Free 1 Session of Personal Training

Online Personal Training

■$800 Per Month

BOOK ONLINE AT https://www.sportsntrain.com/user/view?hash=bea5f5765b98c95bf599d1567858d2bd&name=Lock+Zheng+Feng

■In short im Certified & Qualified to Coach all Category of the Population including Prescription of Workout Program

Why Settle for the Norms?

●Recommended & Mentor by Chung Tze Khit Celebrity & Professional Trainer.

●Train with the Finest Instructor in Fitness -Equipped with the Finest Knowledge & Technique -10 Years of Experience in Fitness


●Mass Building / Bulking

●Weight-Loss / Fats Reduction

●Lean, Tonning, Cutting & Defintion

●Strength Training & Conditioning

●Improve Stamina & Endurance

●Postural Correction

●Laxity Joint Improvement

●Functional & Stability Training

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