Common training mistakes to avoid

Training is a vital part of any athlete’s life as it develops your skills and knowledge of a sport to improve your performance and productivity. Consistent training and discipline allow you to achieve your set goals and be on par with your competitors.

Whether you’re training for a sport, to stay fit, or for bodybuilding, it’s essential to do it right to ensure you gain the optimum results. Here are some common mistakes you need to avoid to improve the quality of your workouts.

1. Lack of planning

You wouldn’t walk into a business meeting that could benefit your career without planning; thus, you shouldn’t walk into the gym without a training plan. Preparing your workout schedule, meal plans, and off-days is vital to achieving your desired physique and skills.

For instance, if you plan to work out on a Monday and the gym is full, you need to have a backup plan such as going for a run or having an alternative space to work out in to avoid skipping your session.

2. Spending too much time on cardio and stretching

While cardio and stretches are essential before beginning your workout, you shouldn’t spend too much time on them. Your goal is to improve your body physically and train your mind, and too much stretching won’t get you there.

Begin your work out with a 15-minute warm-up session and do stretches in between sets and at the end of your session.

3. Distractions from friends and mobile phones

Having distractions at the gym sets you back more than you realize. Talking to friends and answering phone calls or texts takes away time that would better be spent doing squats or drills.

Remember, your mind needs to be connected to your body for your muscles to grow. Distractions disconnect your mind and drive away your focus and energy from your workouts. Practicing mindful training is central to seeing results.

4. Using the same exercise routine

The key to effective training is incorporating new exercise routines that stress your body and further improve your reactions, strength, and agility. If you perform the same routines over and over which your body is used to, then your progress will begin to stagnate.

Always alter your exercises to achieve new milestones.

Personalised coaching can help you flourish

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