Preparing for a big race


Nutrition and diet can make or break a race; thus, what you eat before and during a big race is vital to your success. Additionally, the week leading up to your long run is essential as you need to prepare your body both mentally and physically for the long day.

You should have an efficient eating plan five days up to your big day so that you can fuel your body correctly for the race. In addition, research shows that 41% of runners have stomach problems during a race that ruins their chances of winning.

Luckily, most of these issues are preventable if you follow some food guidelines before a big race.

The golden rule of racing

No matter what time of day your race is, you should never try anything new before that. In other words, stick to familiar foods your body is already used to digesting and avoid new diets. Meanwhile, the correct time to change your dietary menu is during training since you have enough time to figure out what nutrition is right for you.

For instance, it is easy to get persuaded to try new culinary, especially if your race is in a new country. Unfortunately, you will have to save such excursions till after the competition when you can savor any food without worries.

Experiment with the quantity and timing of your food

Your training season is the time to figure out what type of runner you are when it comes to your relationship with food. For instance, some runners have strong stomachs and can digest food within an hour of a big run and have no adverse effects.

On the other hand, some runners need up to three hours to digest food for them to run comfortably. Therefore, it is vital to experiment on your pre-race meal the night before your big run. Eat the same meal you’re planning to eat on that day, as well as the same breakfast, and monitor how your body reacts.

Hire us

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Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash