How to pick the right running shoes?

Is choosing the right shoe important?

When it comes to shoes, there is no one size fits all as no single running shoe is a perfect fit for everyone. Instead, there are plenty of running shoes in the market with different types of technology you can choose from to find your match. However, because of the many options, it can be overwhelming choosing the right shoe for your sport.

Additionally, picking the best running shoe is vital to the success of your sport. For example, if your shoes are too tight or uncomfortable, they will adversely affect your running. Therefore, the right shoe should fit your foot correctly and be comfortable with your regular running stride.


First, as you visit your local shop to find the perfect shoe for running, you need to know more information on the pair of footwear you’re buying. In other words, avoid jumping right into trying out shoes at the store when you don’t know its model, size, features and technology.

Above all, know what to expect during the shoe buying process since it makes it easy to find the best fit. Meanwhile, here are some additional tips you can use when picking the right running shoes.

Determine your foot type

Second, to find the right running shoes, you need to determine your foot type by taking a “wet test”. This test is done by wetting your feet and standing on a paper bag then stepping off the bag. Ultimately, the imprint left on the bag will show what type of arch you have.

For example, a normal arch has a distinct curve along the inside of your foot, while a low span doesn’t have much curve.

Determine your gait

Third, know your stride as it determines the shoe that best accommodates your gait type. There are four basic types of gait, including underpronation, severe pronation, mild pronation, and neutral.

Choose your running shoe

Finally, once you determine your gait and arch type, you can find a shoe that fits these needs. For example, stability shoes have a semi-curved shape at the bottom. Therefore, appropriate for you if you have a normal arch and pronate slightly.

Additionally, other shoe types include motion control shoes and neutral cushioning shoes.

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Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash