Keto diet for weight loss: Does it work?

What is keto?

A ketogenic diet, also known as keto, is a high-fat, low-carb diet. It has become popular over the last few years. Research indicates that this diet has impressive health benefits, such as losing weight. It also prevents diseases like diabetes.

keto diet foods you can eat

However, there is a lot of controversy around the keto diet and whether it works for weight loss. Additionally, some people aren’t too sure about consuming high amounts of fats daily. This is because saturated fats can raise your cholesterol.

There aren’t too many studies supporting the effectiveness or lacking of the keto diet. But, it’s a viable option for weight loss.

Calorie deficiency

When you are on the keto diet, your carb intake is less than 10% of your daily calorie intake. This not only makes your body calorie deficient but also allows it to enter ketosis. Therefore, your body switches to burning fat as a primary source of fuel instead of carbs.

As a result, your body burns most of the fat stored in your body, and eventually, you lose weight.

Keto mistakes

If you plan to go on the keto diet now that you are home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, ensure you do it right for your body to enter ketosis. Unfortunately, this is a common mistake that many people make while on the keto diet.

For instance, consuming too much protein hinders your body from entering a ketosis stage. And, consuming large amounts of saturated fat while on keto is unhealthy. Instead, focus on healthy fats like avocados and limit your saturated fat intake.

examples of unfriendly keto diet fats

Is keto filling?

Although many people assume the keto diet will leave them feeling hungry because of the calorie deficit, it doesn’t. Keto features some filling foods such as eggs and fish that can reduce your hunger pangs. Hence, reducing snacking and munching that can cause weight gain.

Health benefits of keto

In addition to weight loss, the keto diet has other benefits, including:

  • Reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing body fat.
  • Treats cancer by slowing down the growth of tumors.
  • Increase insulin sensitivity, which is a benefit for diabetic people.

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Photos by American Heart Association, and Health Essentials – Cleveland Clinic