Tips for playing tennis like a pro: improve your game

Playing tennis like a pro

Do you want to play tennis like a pro? If so, you first have to understand the principles behind world-class tennis. Additionally, you need to adapt to the lifestyle and training routines of a professional tennis player to become a pro.

Unfortunately, many sports fanatics want to become tennis pros without putting in half the work. If you don’t have the mental, emotional, and physical ability to play tennis, you’re less likely going to be good at it.

Female playing tennis like a pro

Here are some tips that can help you play tennis like a pro.

1. Train, train, train

Did you know that tennis pros spend a lot of time working out, exercising, and training? This helps them build their confidence on the court and improve their performance. Furthermore, regular training and exercising help you improve your tennis footwork and speed.

Therefore, the next time you want to show up to a court without any training, think again. What you do off the court is critical in preventing injury, generating power, endurance, and speed. You can hire a personal trainer Singapore for tennis lessons to help with your training.

Trainer teaching a female how to play tennis

Some of the tennis training sessions you should perform include:

  • Speed and agility training
  • Plyometric exercises
  • Footwork drills

2. Execute your basics perfectly

While training is an essential step in becoming a tennis pro, learning a few tennis techniques can help you up your game. However, this doesn’t mean you should reinvent the game. Instead, focus on having a solid technique and keep your tactics basic.

For instance, if you hit a better backhand than a forehand, you should nurture this before learning other techniques. Also, correct stroke mechanics can significantly improve your game. Your swing should be full with a long follow-through, and your timing should be perfect. The power with which you hit the ball should also be strong as pros hit the tennis ball much harder than any junior player.

If you have a problem with weight transfer during each stroke, participating in repetitive drills can improve your stroke production. In contrast, when your shots are weak or off-balanced, move your feet by taking a few skips to wake them up. At times, your feet get lazy, which in turn affects how you play.

3. Tennis strategy standpoint

Learning how to put away easy balls is your ticket to becoming a tennis pro. Since at the club level shots are not practiced well, there are a lot of put-away shots and flubbed overheads. Hence, it’s vital to practice hitting volleys and overheads as much as ground strokes.

Female playing tennis like a pro

Likewise, you should perform drills where you try to hit winners off short balls. It’s common to find beginners getting to short balls, but they arrive without proper balance. Luckily, learning these drills helps you anticipate and move forward properly for short balls.

4. Develop an aggressive net game

Doing overhead and volley drills are important in improving your tennis game. Learn how to hit overheads in all directions, whether it’s to your left, straight ahead, and to your right. If you’re close enough to the net, practice spiking it down into the court and try making it bounce out of reach.

5. Be mentally strong

The difference between the world’s top players and club players is that the former have mental strength. Hence, they can gain a significant advantage over their opponents, especially when it comes to big points by keeping their heads clear and strong.

For example, most club players make a mistake of thinking about the future or previous points. This not only frustrates them but also takes their minds off the current game. It’s wise to focus 100% on your current point before it begins, and don’t let your mind drift.

Woman holding a tennis ball

Similarly, another mental mistake you’re more likely to make is changing your game when the circumstances of the match change. For instance, you’re getting close to winning, and you decide to switch up your game. Luckily, you can fix this by telling yourself you’re behind in the match rather than ahead.

Need a tennis coach

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Photo credits: ACTIVEkids,, The Tennis Mom, NetPLAY Magazine.