A Detailed Guide to Help Badminton Beginners

Are you a badminton beginner or know any badminton beginners looking to improve? If so, here’s a detailed guide that can help you up to your badminton game.

Badminton beginners

Badminton is a fast-growing sport that individuals all over the world are learning to play. It not only is a beginner-friendly sport, but it’s also quite affordable and easy to learn. However, whether you want to start playing badminton professionally or as a leisure sport, you’ll need a personal trainer.

Badminton beginner

Badminton can be complicated at first, and having a coach is your best bet at learning it’s techniques within no time. Besides, with a personal trainer, you can learn the basic footwork and shots and how to play at the net.

So, what are other tips for badminton beginners?

1. Always warm-up properly

Warming up for any sport is vital to ensure your muscles can stretch easily. Additionally, a good warm-up prevents needles injuries and gets you ready for some fast-paced badminton. An excellent way to warm up before you begin to play is by skipping or jogging.

You can also stretch after your game to ensure your muscles cool down, improving your flexibility for your next training sessions.

2. Learn basic footwork

As mentioned earlier, badminton is a fast-paced sport that requires a good amount of speed and agility. Hence, you need efficient and fast footwork to play well and get around the court easily. For instance, if your stepping and footwork are incorrect, your approach to the shuttle will be inaccurate, affecting how you send it across the net correctly.

Luckily, a personal trainer can help you learn basic badminton footwork, including jumping, lunging, and chasing. Some of the workout drills that can help you improve your badminton movements include:

  • Multishuttle drill – in this drill, many shuttles are thrown to you, and you’re required to play a certain stroke until you perfect it. Once you show improvement, other variations are brought in.
  • Four corners footwork – as the name suggests, it consists of covering four corners of a court and learning how to move to each corner.
  • Wally rally drill – this drill is ideal for beginners, and it involves playing with a shuttle against a wall to improve strength and consistency.
  • Shuttle throwing drill – It involves lining up several shuttles and picking each shuttle to throw in a forward direction.
  • Agility drills – these are ideal for helping you move and react quickly when playing.

3. Know the rules

Although this may seem obvious, don’t expect to go far if you don’t know basic badminton rules. You don’t have to grasp the entire badminton rulebook, but understanding the basics such as serving and scoring can significantly improve your game.

Learning badminton rules for the first time can be daunting and time-consuming, but with constant practice, you can easily become a pro. Some basic essential badminton rules include:

  • Your serve must travel upwards first
  • You serve from the right side of the court if your score is an even number
  • A fault ends the rally in badminton, awarding points against the person that committed the fault
  • A game is 21 points in a match
  • You should hit a service below the waist

4. Practice your grip

Since you use racquets to play badminton, learning, and practicing your grip is the best way to improve your game. Most players form a habit of playing with a specific grip, and changing it can be difficult. Therefore, learning your grip as a beginner ensures you have the right forehand and backhand grip to play throughout your badminton career.

Children playing badminton

The right grip also ensures you can execute strokes correctly, and it keeps your racquet up at all times. Naturally, people tend to drop their arms to the sides when they’re inactive. Unfortunately, this can adversely affect your badminton, especially if you’re playing at the net in a doubles match.

Your arms should always be up so that you can respond to the shuttle quickly and effectively.

Need badminton coaching?

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